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Reconnecting customers impacted by the Wooroloo bushfire

Western Power has completed work in your area. Power can be reconnected to your property once you (as the home owner or resident) have checked for any additional steps that you may need to take.    

When you can return to your home, you need to look for a tag or notification on the status of your electricity supply. This will be placed in the meter box, or at the front door if there isn’t enough space in the meter box for the disconnection tag.

If the tag says Temporary disconnection the homeowner or other person in charge must arrange for an electrical contractor to complete the required works. Once all of the defects listed have been fixed your supply can be reconnected. If you still do not have power after your electrical contractor has completed the required works and provided the relevant information to Western Power, please call us on 13 13 51.

Both sides of the Information | Caution tags.  Examples of temporary disconnection tags

If the tag says Information | Caution your connection can be reconnected to the network when power’s been restored. Once connected, you can flick your main switch to ‘On’.

In all circumstances, if your home has been affected by fire, we recommend that you get a licensed electrical contractor to check the integrity of the electrical installation in your property.

For your safety when network power is restored, the electrical inspector advises that you conduct a visual safety check on all external electrical equipment (including bore pumps, power points, external ground lighting) within your property prior to turning it on. If you find any damaged electrical equipment you must contact an electrical contractor to have the problem fixed.

Power fluctuations may occur when power is restored, so it’s helpful to unplug sensitive appliances before reconnecting. When reconnected, turn on appliances one at a time, starting with lights and small appliances. If you experience any shocks, zaps or tingles report them immediately on 13 13 51.

Unsure if your property has been inspected?

Please call 13 10 87 between 8.30am and 5.00pm

Unsure what electrical infrastructure you’re responsible for on your property?

Visit Visit Building and Energy website’s for information on private power poles and lines are your responsibility or our information on private power poles and cables.

Extended outage payment scheme

We recognise day-to-day living has been impacted by power outages caused by the 2021 Wooroloo bushfire. To provide further community support for customers impacted by this bushfire event, either directly or indirectly, the extended outage payment has been doubled from $80 to $160.
We administer this payment, and if you’ve experienced an extended outage (12 hours or more) from these fires, you can apply once power is reconnected for the extended outage payment online

Reconnection fees

Where property or network connections have been have been damaged but not destroyed by the fire, reconnection of existing customers points and meters will be free of charge.

For residents whose property has been destroyed by the fire, we’ll be waiving the cost of establishing a temporary builder supply (if required) and any network-side reconnection fees.

For more information please contact us on 13 10 87 between 8.30am and 5.00pm.


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