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How much does it cost to be in a PowerBank trial?

There are several potential cost savings. The PowerBank battery allows you to store your excess solar energy without having to outlay significant costs to have your own home battery (approximately $8,000 to $10,000 for similar sizes).

For the PowerBank 3 trial, participants pay a daily subscription fee of $1.20-$1.40 to access the battery. The subscription fee is based on the size of virtual storage you have access to (6kWh or 8kWh) and Synergy will advise you of the recommended storage size based on your historical energy use data. 

To withdraw your stored solar energy during peak periods, you will also gain access to ‘off-peak’ pricing between 9pm and 7am each day. Energy during this period is only 15.1c per unit compared to the standard 28.8c per unit (A1 tariff).

As part of a PowerBank battery trial, participants will need to upgrade to an at no cost. The meter will provide information on energy use which participants can track in the My Account section of the Synergy website.