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Inverter system greater than 30kVA and no more than 150kVA

How much will it cost?

Enquiry fee - $250 plus GST.

Application fee - $5,000 plus GST.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 3 business days.

What will I need to complete this application?

Permission from your strata company (if applicable)

What more do I need to know? 

  • The services of a National Engineering Register (NER) engineer will be required to advise in general on the process to be followed, the system design, and the equipment to use.

  • The site’s electrical retailer is required to submit an ETAF (Electricity Transfer Application Form) to Western Power and a service request to change the site’s meter to bi-directional (required regardless of whether the generator is exporting or not). These must be completed before an Approval to Operate can be released.

Stage 1 - Enquiry

Enquire here

Enquire here

Stage 2 - Application

Western Power will assess the application, conduct various studies and prepare Technical Schedules for the generator.

Stage 3 - Approval to Operate

We will assess your commissioning report and provide updated Technical Schedules.