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Inverter system greater than 150kVA and less than 1MVA

How much will it cost?

Enquiry fee - $3,500 plus GST.

Application fee- $5,000 plus GST .

Network studies fee - this cost may vary depending on the location of the installation and the network complexities.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 3 business days.

What will I need to complete this application?

What more do I need to know? 

  • The services of a National Engineering Register (NER) engineer will be required to advise in general on the process to be followed, the system design, and the equipment to use.
  • Signing of a contract for network studies. Studies assess such aspects as network steady-state flow, protection and power quality. These studies will indicate whether any network augmentation is required.
  • If network augmentation is required, there will be additional costs for further assessment.
  • If no network augmentation is required, Western Power prepares the Technical Schedules (with customer input).
  • Following construction, the customer submits completed the Technical Schedules, a Technical Compliance Report (TCR) and a request to commission. If approved, permission to commission is granted.
  • Customer submits the commissioning results, and a request for Approval to Operate.
  • The site’s electrical retailer is required to submit an ETAF (Electricity Transfer Application Form) to Western Power and a service request to change the site’s meter to bi-directional (required regardless of whether the generator is exporting or not). These must be completed before an Approval to Operate can be released.

Stage 1 - Enquiry

The enquiry stage involves a high-level feasibility assessment, which usually determines whether there are any network impediments to the generator connecting. If there is sufficient hosting capacity we'll provide you with an application form.

Enquire here

Stage 2 - Application

Western Power will conduct various studies and prepare Technical Schedules for the generator.

Stage 3 - Network studies

Studies assess such aspects as network steady-state flow, protection, power quality, and monitoring/control requirements. These studies will indicate whether any network augmentation is required.

Stage 4 - Request to commission

Nominate a 2-week period to complete your commissioning testing.

Stage 5 - Request for Approval to Operate

Assessment of your commissioning report, updated Technical Schedules and Technical Compliance Report.