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Standard electricity supply for a single house

Apply for this connection if you want a new electricity supply to a house.

How long will it take?

After we have received your application, we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements and work with you on an expected delivery date in line with the complexity of your project.

What will I need to complete this application?

If a suitable location for a pillar installation can’t be provided we may offer a below ground service pit for the connection point. This will incur additional costs specific to the installation circumstances. Additional charges of $500 for the below ground service pit and $557 for installation of the concrete hardstand reinstatement will be added into the quote. Additional site preparation requirements also apply.

Cost breakdown:

  • Application fee:
    • $495
    • $2.92 (credit card surcharge 0.59%)

    Total application fee: $497.92

  • Design fee*:
    • Standard - $1,320
    • Detailed - $3,300
    • Complex - $6,600
  • Construction - we will provide you with a quote
  • Cancellation fee - $550
*While the design fee is GST inclusive, the GST exclusive amount will be deducted from the access offer if proceeding, i.e. GST is not refunded

The cost of an electricity supply is dependent on how much power you require.

In most cases, the cost will be based on what we call the Distribution Low Voltage Connection Scheme.

Standard electricity supply for a single house

Approximate time required to complete application: 10 minutes

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