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Medium commercial electricity supply

Use this form if you want an electricity supply with a maximum demand greater than 250A/180kVA but no greater than 1300A/1000kVA.

How long will it take?

Design complexity Definition Time

Standard design

Small and single site installations, changes and relocations; low voltage network only, no 3rd party approvals

21 days

Detailed design

Multi-site installations and relocations; environmental, safe excavation, EPR, 3rd party negotiations and approvals required, overhead network works required. This includes all high voltage (HV) work

45 days

Complex design

Significant asset relocations, network augmentations and substation upgrades, transmission zone substation impacts and 3rd party negotiations and approvals required

Complex design timeframes vary. Your designer will contact you to discuss your project.

What will I need to complete this application?

Electricity connections can be varied and complex. We recommend that a professional electrical consultant or contractor completes this application.

You'll need to the following to submit an application:

How much will it cost?

  • Application fee - $495
  • Design fee*:
    • Standard - $1,320
    • Detailed - $3,300
    • Complex - $6,600
  • Construction - we will provide you with a quote
  • Cancellation fee - $550
*While the design fee is GST inclusive, the GST exclusive amount will be deducted from the access offer if proceeding, i.e. GST is not refunded.

Medium commercial electricity supply

Approximate time required to complete application: 10 minutes.

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