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New connections

Electricity connections can be varied and complex. We recommend that a professional electrical consultant or contractor determines which connection type best suits your needs.


Maybe you've just purchased a block of land and want to power up a shed, perhaps you're re-developing an existing dwelling into a triplex - whatever the reason, if you need to submit an application for a new electricity connection, you'll find the answers here.

Note that this table is for connecting power to a house where there has never been a connection to the Western Power network before. If you simply need to reconnect an existing connection, then please speak to your retailer to set up a new account.

Electricians - If you require a direct meter to be installed and a mains connection - standard supply, view our electrical contractor service request information to assist you with the process.

Small and Medium Business

Getting ready for business and the lights have never been on? Need to submit an application to Western Power and wondering how long it will take to connect electricity to your premise and the fees involved? Whatever the new power need in a commercial premise, this table will help determine what connection suits your needs.