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Remove or relocate our equipment

There are many reasons why our infrastructure may need to be removed or relocated. Perhaps it's for a special event to ensure safe access or there may be equipment in the path of a proposed development. 

Regardless of the reason for moving the electricity supply, the important thing is to ensure is that you're aware of all of our infrastructure in the area and where it is.

If you don't have detailed electrical plans, complete a Dial Before You Dig enquiry by visiting, downloading the 1100 mobile app or calling 1100.

It's also important to know what level of energy you're dealing with, so you choose the right application forms.

  • Low voltage - 1kV and below
  • High voltage - greater than 1kV and less than 66kV
  • Transmission - 66kV or higher

When you have these details about the Western Power equipment that requires relocation or removal, please choose your options below. 

If your project is particularly complex or requires electrical engineering expertise not currently within your team, we can assist you by completing a feasibility study or you can speak to an engineering expert