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LED streetlight replacements

LED Streetlight Replacement

For multiple streetlights please select a single address (e.g. Civic Centre or first streetlight replacement) in the application form. We will contact you to discuss your requirements.

I'm ready to apply

How long will it take?

After we have received your application, we will contact within 5 days you to discuss your requirements and work with you on your required timeframes.

How much will it cost?


Single luminaire on wood pole

Single luminaire on metal pole

Double outreach pole

 Standard Range

Minor roads
(20W, 36W and 53W luminaires)




Major Roads
(80W, 160W and 170W luminaires)




Decorative Range 

Minor roads
(17W, 34W and 42W luminaires)




Major Roads
(80W, 100W and 155W luminaires)




These prices are exclusive of major traffic management, Capital Contributions Tax Recovery and Regulated Asset Base.
These prices are applicable to bulk LED retrofit only. Bulk in this instance means 10 or more lights within the same immediate area.

I need further information

We provide two pre-application services to help guide you on LED Streetlight Replacements:

  1. Speak to an engineering expert – a free 30-minute service that will help advise on the application process and what is required.
  2. Feasibility study – a fixed fee service that will provide you with a cost estimate, also providing you with different options to deliver to the project. A feasibility study can quickly be converted into an application.

End to end service   

Western Power’s Design Consultancy are available to help you with end to end electrical design solutions. Let us provide you with a fully compliant streetlighting design by choosing the electrical experts.


  • What is Regulated Asset Base (RAB)
  • When do I have to pay the tax recovery?
  • Is GST applied to Capital Contribution Tax Recovery (CCTR) amount?

Western Power is regulated by the state government in terms of how it can earn revenue. Our revenue (through tariffs) is determined by the size of our Regulated Asset Base (RAB).

When streetlights are added to the RAB they have an economic life of 20 years. If a streetlight is replaced or upgraded to LED when it is younger than 20 years old, there’s still some value in there that we haven’t recovered back yet.

For capital contributions the tax recovery component is paid at the time of letter of offer, contract or quote acceptance.

For gifted assets, payment of the tax recovery is required just prior to energisation.

For both capital contributions and gifted assets, we are unable to commence work until contributions including the tax recovery have been paid.

No. GST is not applied to the CCTR amount.

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