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Circuit Breakers application

 Is this program for you?

  • Circuit Breakers is for upper primary year groups 4-6.
  • It can be done by a class or a group at any time in the school year.
  • It is a project based STEM program with ten activities that can be undertaken over one term of weekly lessons or in a concentrated form over a few days.
  • It covers curriculum from Science, Maths and Design & Technology. 

Do you need to fill out this form?

The teaching and learning guide is free to download and anyone can use it. We recommend that you undertake the program with the Circuit Breaker kits or equivalent contents  (refer to webpage) but if you just need the guide you don’t need to do this form. Just download and get cracking.

If you want to purchase the discounted Circuit Breaker kits ($10/kit) with the BBC Micro:bit, and / or have a Western Power professional be attached to your program and visit for one or two lessons, then you will need to fill out this application. 

Your school is eligible to apply for subsidised kits and mentor support if it is located within our network (see map).

Please note

  • We ask schools that are taking advantage of the reduced priced kits and or mentor involvement to commit to presenting their Circuit Breakers journey in a suitable form for posting to the Circuit Breakers gallery (video, slideshow, poster.)
  • There is a maximum of 35 Circuit Breakers per school available.
  • Apply early – there are limited amounts of Circuit Breaker kits available each term. If we run out of Circuit Breaker kits you will be notified and placed on a wait list until we can supply more. 

To apply to do the Circuit Breakers Program with discounted kits and Western Power mentor please complete the form below.

(How you undertake the program, and with how many students, does not affect your application. The information is for our purposes to help support the program.)

If you have any questions, contact Community Education Specialist on 9326 4149 or via email.

Circuit Breakers application

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