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Learning from home

Electricity is something we all use every day, often without even thinking about it. Have you ever thought about where it comes from or how electricity gets to your house?  With more and more kids working from home now, it’s a perfect time for them to start learning more about how a network spanning over 98,000 km’s of circuit helps to power their iPad and TV’s.  

Explore our resources to help with the extended time at home this year. Find out about electricity, how to stay safe around it as well as our role in delivering it to you while doing these fun challenges. You might be missing out on a few things at the moment, but electricity is not one of them.  

We’ll be updating our learning resources and activities throughout the year. Register your information below so we can let you know what’s new as well as any other new developments with our educations programs. Joining the list will give you access to information, resources and exclusive offers before general release.

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