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Whose job is it to trim trees near powerlines?

High winds and stormy weather can blow branches and debris into powerlines – resulting in power outages and fallen lines which pose a safety hazard for the community.

But whose responsibility is it to trim them back?

And who should you call to do the job safely? See our advice below.


The tree is on your property

It is your responsibility to trim back any trees or vegetation on your property that are too close to – or in contact with – powerlines.

If your trees need trimming, we recommend you hire a qualified tree pruner or arborist to safely remove foliage that is too close to powerlines.

Qualified tree pruners are accredited to manage vegetation around powerlines. Visit the Arboricultural Association of WA to find a professional. 


The tree is on your neighbour’s property

If you notice a neighbour’s tree is too close to powerlines, we encourage you to remind them of their responsibility as the property owner/occupier.

If their trees bring down powerlines, the whole street (or more) could be without power for an extended period and the fallen line could be a safety hazard for the community.

Depending on how friendly you are with your neighbour, we encourage you to let them know of the potential risk over a quick chat or by leaving a note in their mailbox.


The tree is on public land

Trees and vegetation can be on a mix of local council/shire, State or Federal (Crown) land.

Local councils/shires are responsible for managing trees and vegetation they have planted or cultivated on public land in their local area.

Western Power is responsible for managing all naturally occurring trees and vegetation on public land.

It can be difficult to identify whether a tree is planted or has grown there naturally, so in the first instance you should report it to your council/shire. There’s a good chance your local council/shire will be responsible for it, particularly with trees and vegetation close to residential properties.

If it turns out vegetation is actually naturally occurring, your local council/shire will notify you to contact Western Power on 13 10 87, or they will contact us on your behalf.


So, if you see a tree or vegetation too close to powerlines, now you know who to call. 

Qualified tree pruners

Find a professional at


Your local council/shire

Contact your local council or shire.  


Western Power

Report outages and emergencies to 13 13 51 (24/7).

Report a tree touching or close to powerlines on 13 10 87 (Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm)

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