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What is a change worth to you?

We all know washing clothes is no fun. But would it help if using your washing machine slightly differently could save you money?

How about more than $100 per year?

Or how about saving $280 per year for running a pool pump at times when demand for power is low?

These are just some of the insights we’ve gained from talking with our customers over the past 12 months.

It’s all part of our Customer Insights research and what our customers thought of changing their electricity use pattern in order to save money off their power bill. At the same time, the whole community can benefit, by avoiding the need for costly upgrades to the network for a handful of hot days of the year (the so-called “peak” demand times).

We’ve done intensive workshops and 500 online surveys. You can find more about the results on our website here.

It’s also got the media talking. Here’s an article about the idea from January.

Our siblings, Horizon Power, are also pursuing the idea, with a trial up North. Many utilities around Australia are also exploring this space.

It’s not about stopping your creature comforts. But we found that after explaining the bigger picture of the benefits of reducing peak demand, more customers were prepared to think about changing for the overall benefit of the community.

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