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Western Power urges truck driver to check the safety of their vehicle

We urge the driver of a truck that contacted the electricity network earlier today in Cannington to call 13 13 51 so the correct vehicle safety inspections can be made.

Our Head of Safety Andrew Shaw says that a driver made contact with the electricity network and then drove off. The driver is likely not aware of the possible consequences of their actions and the public safety impact it represents.

“We’re concerned that the vehicle could be susceptible to a process called Tyre Pyrolysis which causes the gasses inside the tyres to expand and potentially explode.” Mr Shaw says.

“The truck should be quarantined immediately for a period of 24 hours following the contact and suspected electricity flashover that would have occurred.”

The vehicle contact was discovered following investigations of an outage that affected around 27,000 customers in the southern suburbs earlier today.

Originally the cause of the outage was a suspected lightning strike at our substation in Cannington, following customer reports of a loud bang and flash in the area.

Subsequent investigations by our crews found damaged cables and scorch marks on the ground near sand that appeared to be freshly delivered.

We remind any driver who hits the network to remain in the vehicle if it is safe to do so and call us immediately on 13 13 51 so an emergency response crew can attend.

We recently launched a series of videos for industries that work and drive around the electricity network. View our suite of free GamePlan safety videos


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