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Western Power to showcase deadly jobs

Deadly: ˈdɛdli’

Adjective - Indigenous Australian informal very good; excellent.

"Yeah I’d love to work there. That would be a deadly job”

There is a sense of irony that Western Power’s commitment to safety has earnt it the title of a ‘deadly job’ among the indigenous community as a place they’d like to work.

There’s nothing ‘deadly’ about Western Power jobs, quite the contrary, unless it’s NAIDOC Week and we are part of the Deadly Jobs Expo!

As part of NAIDOC week, Western Power will be part of the Deadly Jobs Expo at theTown of Bassendean’s NAIDOC Week Family Day, on Thursday 6 July at Ashfield Park – Perth’s largest NAIDOC Week event.

The Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre (AWDC) sponsors and facilitates the very successful Deadly Jobs Expo each year as part of NAIDOC week, bringing industry, employers and jobseekers together to highlight employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

Western Power recently engaged the State Government division of the AWDC to run a workshop on recruiting and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees at Western Power. To celebrate NAIDOC week, Western Power is proud to be part of the Deadly Jobs Expo.

We were introduced to the AWDC Jobs Board, a State-wide free service that links potential Aboriginal candidates to roles in organisations and businesses in WA. The AWDC has offices at all our regional depot locations and can provide us with a great networking system to source the very best candidates for positions in the business.

Dave Fyfe, Executive Manager Asset Operations, said that this is a great way to show our commitment to a diverse workforce.

“This is part of Western Power’s push to find the best people for the job, and removing any barriers which may be perceived when applying for a career with us.

“There are limited booths available with a very high demand by large organisations in Perth. This is considered a prestigious event for linking into the community and building our reputation as an Employer of Choice.

“We’re pleased that our commitment to developing our very first Reconciliation Action Plan, drive to engage more Aboriginal people in our business, and history working side-by-side with regional communities, led the AWDC to choose us to host one of the booths this year.”

The AWDC hopes to bring real jobs from organisation such as the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Woodside and St John Ambulance alongside Western Power, to around 4.000 local Aboriginal people.

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