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Veg out: 5 steps to help you get ready for seasonal storms

High winds blow through your area. Trees come crashing down. Debris is blown everywhere.

Powerlines are caught in the crossfire and you’re without power.

Restoration may not be for a few hours as crews address multiple incidents of trees and branches damaging the electricity network. 

It’s an unavoidable consequence of storms and high winds, right?

Yes and no.

While major storms and high winds have the capability to blow vegetation and debris into powerlines, causing power outages and safety hazards on the network – we all have a role to play in reducing the likelihood of this occurring.

At Western Power, we strengthen the network to withstand the worst of seasonal storms, conduct proactive vegetation management on public land and ensure our crews are on hand to mobilise when emergencies arise.

As a property owner or occupier, there a few simple actions you can take to reduce the impact of storms and high winds on your power supply.

Check trees on your property

Ensure branches from trees on your property are at least 2.5 metres away from powerlines. The clearance zones may vary in your suburb depending on the type of wires used to transport electricity, the distance between power poles and the fire zone you live in. View the clearance zones

Hire a professional 

If your trees need trimming, we recommend hiring a qualified tree pruner or arborist to safely remove foliage that is too close to powerlines. Find a qualified professional at

Remove debris 

Clear any debris and secure loose items around your home. You’d be surprised what’s blown into powerlines in the past – trampolines, chairs, tables, sheds and more.

Prepare an outage kit 

Have a kit prepared with torches, spare batteries and first aid supplies in the event you experience a power outage.

Safety first 

Save 13 13 51 to your phone contacts. If you see a damaged or fallen powerline stay at least 8 metres away and make the safe call to the Western Power emergency line on 13 13 51 - we’re available 24/7.


Be prepared for seasonal storms and minimise the chance of a safety hazard or power outage.

Visit our seasonal storms page for simple advice on how you can prepare your property and your family to reduce the impact of storms and high winds.

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