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Solar slumps as network soars

If you are getting sick and tired of cold, wet and cloudy weather you’re not alone as customers push the Western Power network to a new winter record.

The protracted run of stormy weather has had a serious impact on those of us with solar panels.

We estimate that residential solar generation has slumped by around 68% over the past three weeks.

The estimation, based on solar irradiance data which is the sun’s ability to generate power, has revealed rooftop solar in the metro and south west of the state has only been able to operate at less than a third of its collective capacity.

On 31 July the network demand for power peaked at 3,673.8 megawatts (MW), squeaking past last year’s record of 3,628.8 MW set on 12 July.

The new winter record is still a far cry from the summer peak, set in February last year, of 4,304 megawatts. It highlights the extremes that the network and customers face throughout the year.

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