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Saving lives this summer

Bring out the BBQ and dust off that trampoline - summer's finally made its entrance!

Rolling right behind the summer fun are unexpected high winds, treacherous storms and bushfires.

So to enjoy the best of summer, we need to ensure you are well aware of how to stay safe around powerlines.

We have launched our Make The Safe Call campaign for summer, to ensure you know how best to prepare your property and what to do if you encounter a fallen powerline.

Two of the more common causes of safety hazards and power outages are trees being blown onto powerlines (usually due to high winds, stormy weather or home owners not trimming back branches) and vehicles coming into contact with powerlines.

There are steps you can take (like hiring a professional tree pruner) to prevent these hazards and outages, but it’s always important to know how to respond in the event of an emergency.

These TV commercials will be running all summer to help you prepare and be safe.

You've hit a power pole. Do you know what to do?

Summer storms

The TV commercials will be supported by radio, online and social media ads to help spread the message.

Visit our Make The Safe Call page to test your safety knowledge with our interactive quizzes and more simple advice that could save your life.

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