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Prioritising power outages – where do you fit in?

When the power goes out, you want it back on as soon as possible.

And we want to get you back on as soon as possible.

Our control centre and field crews mobilise quickly to respond – 80% of power outages that affect multiple customers are restored within 45 minutes.

But what happens when there are many individual faults across the network and large volumes of customers are out?

It doesn’t happen often, and it’s more likely during storm season when there’s greater chance of lightning, wind-borne debris and falling vegetation coming into contact with our poles and wires.

It becomes a matter of prioritising which faults to attend to first.

We have crews located across our network 24/7 ready to respond to faults, but we understand we can’t be in all places at once. 

Get it safe

When prioritising fault repairs, attending to safety incidents or hazards is absolutely our number one priority.

If vegetation has brought wires onto the ground or a vehicle has come into contact with a pole, we need to make sure those in the area are safe before we can start power restoration. (BTW if you see a fallen powerline, stay away and make the safe call to Western Power on 13 13 51)

Our crews are trained for these emergency situations and are the first responders – police and fire and emergency crews can’t access these areas until we’ve made it safe.

Then restoration can begin

Essential services and faults that impact the largest number of people are first to be restored. We then work our way through the jobs until all customers have been restored.

This list outlines the priority order:

Power restoration priority list

  • tab-landdeveloper-brown.svg

    Essential services

    essential services such as hospitals and other emergency services

  • power.svg

    High voltage lines

    high voltage bulk transmission lines that supply power to thousands of customers

  • tab-smallbusiness-brown.svg

    Localised faults

    localised faults that affect clusters of homes and businesses

  • tab-largebusiness-brown.svg

    Individual entities

    individual homes and businesses

So if you’re waiting longer than you expect for your power to be restored, there may just be safety hazards and large volume faults that are taking priority over yours.

But don’t worry, we will get to it as soon as possible.

Plus we’ve got our power outages page and social media accounts (see website footer for links) for you to stay up to date on power restoration times.

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