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Preparing for summer takes us 12 months

The extremes of summer are fast approaching and Western Power is calling on all property owners to ensure their vegetation is appropriately managed.

For most of us the warming days are a trigger to start preparing for how the warmer months will affect our daily lives.

Western Power’s head of works program planning Tamara Brooker said preparations were no different across the electricity network.

“You would have seen Western Power’s workforce out and about, trimming and pruning around and near the network in public spaces,” Mrs Brooker said.

“We are playing our part to reduce the risk of outages and bushfires in summer, but we can’t be everywhere and it takes a whole community effort.”

Mrs Brooker spoke about parts of the network on private property that need checking, and called on homeowners and residents to play a role.

“We need people to take just 10 minutes to walk around their home, check trees or plants are well clear of poles or powerlines on their property.”

Western Power invests $25 million in year-round vegetation management to reduce the likelihood of outages and also manage bushfire risk in high or extreme risk areas.

“Since commencing the bushfire mitigation program our crews are on target to clear trees, grass and other vegetation away from over 500 kilometres of the network. That’s enough network to stretch from Perth to Kalbarri,” said Mrs Brooker.

If you identify tree branches that are within the potential danger zones near powerlines, we advise contacting a professional tree pruner who’s authorised to work near electrical assets.

If you see trees or vegetation that you think have grown too close to powerlines in public spaces, report it to your local council or Western Power on 13 13 51.

This simple check may save you and your neighbours from an outage and more importantly reduces the risk of sparks starting a ground fire, from a branch hitting powerlines.

More information about how we prepare for bushfire season and safe distances for vegetation around assets can be found on the Western Power website.

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