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Planned power outages cancelled due to heatwave

Western Power has cancelled all planned works that require an outage in areas affected by WA Health Department’s heatwave warning between Thursday 12 an Sunday 15 December 2019.

The cancellations will ensure our customers are not unreasonably affected through loss of power during the hot weather conditions.
For outages planned through our customer-funded program, we are liaising with these customers to see if they wish to proceed.

Our response process to an emergency outage or accident will not be affected by the heatwave conditions and we have extra crews on standby to offset the impact of heat stress and heat related fatigue that may affect crews who are working. The safety of our crews is a priority, and we will be modifying workloads and schedules to counter the weather conditions.

The extreme heat will likely have an impact on restoration times in the event of an emergency or unplanned outage due to possible restrictions such as total fire bans or vehicle movement bans, which in turn causes us to change our work practices.

We are attempting to notify all customers that have received notification of a planned outage in the next four days of the cancellations.

We apologise for the late notice to customers, particularly those who have made arrangements for the planned outages. We have rescheduled these works to ensure power supply following the heatwave isn’t affected.

We are assessing planned outages and potential further cancellations on a case by case basis in areas not identified in the Health Department’s heatwave warning area but where customers are expected to experience high temperatures in the coming days.

If the work in these areas is critical to safety or longer-term projects, then it is likely it will go ahead. In these instances, we will modify start and end times and commit extra resources to minimise the length of the outage and the impact to customers.

For planned outage enquiries, please call 13 10 87. 

We would like to remind anyone who sees damage on the network or experiences an unplanned outage to call 13 13 51 and report the details.