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Parkerville cost orders decision

We thank the Supreme Court of Western Australia for its further deliberation in relation to this matter.

The Court decision today finalised the orders relating to the judgment earlier this year that determined that Western Power does not have any liability in relation to the Parkerville bushfire.

The Court considered whether the plaintiffs or Thiess and the landowner should pay Western Power’s costs of the matter.

The Court determined that all of the plaintiffs who unsuccessfully commenced proceedings against Western Power, including IAG, Allianz and RAC, should pay some of Western Power’s costs and that Thiess must pay the balance.

Western Power has not made a decision on whether it will enforce the cost orders against all or any of the parties.

It would not be appropriate for Western Power to make this decision at this stage as there is still a possibility that another party could appeal the Court’s decision.

A final decision will be made when the case is concluded.

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