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Our COVID-19 management plan

Our approach to managing the impacts of COVID-19

Western Power has scenario-based contingency plans in place that ensure critical and essential services are maintained for the community in the event that staffing levels could be affected by outside events.

We have a flexible workplace culture that allows for our workers to work remotely, if needed, to balance their work with unplanned family or carer needs.

Western Power has a COVID-19 Management Plan in place to ensure staffing levels across network operations, maintenance and field work, customer service, ICT and other essential support functions continue to comfortably support critical business activities during a prolonged period of disruption.

The safety and health of our employees alongside our role to provide safe, secure and reliable power to Western Power’s customers continues to be our priority at this time, as always.

We continue to be guided by the information being issued by the WA Department of Health and the Australian Government Department of Health.

Our employees are being provided with regular information and support to allow teams to plan ahead and manage any potential changes to normal operations, including planned work, working from home and altering shifts.

We are also communicating daily with the office of the Minister for Energy, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and relevant state and federal agencies and emergency management committees as required. 
We’re staying in close contact with our suppliers to ensure that procurement and supply chains are maintained and managed around transport and logistics, while responding to any employee pressures brought about by COVID-19 planning.

How are we implementing the COVID-19 Management Plan?

The COVID-19 situation is being managed by a Crisis Management Team (CMT). Our executive team and subject matter experts are meeting regularly to provide leadership on the business response for network and non-network issues impacted, or potentially impacted, by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Management Plan is underpinned by the Business Continuity Plan which is being amended to include specific operational controls that mitigate risk associated with the COVID-19 issue; for example, isolating essential teams from each other, and ensuring robust ICT resources and systems to remote access as required.

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