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Northampton power outage - 3 February 2020

Northampton outage – 3rd February, 4pm

Western Power crews are working to identify and repair a fault north of Geraldton that is affecting around 900 customers.

The towns affected include Horrocks, Gregory, Nabawa, Nanson, Sandy Gully, Alma, Ogilvie, Ajana, Binnu, East Bowes, Yuna, Naraling, South Yuna, East Yuna, Nolba, Wandana, Narra Tarra, East Nabawa, Dartmoor, Yallabatharra, Dindiloa, West Binnu, Bowes, Yetna, Hickety, Marrah, Mount Erin, Rockwell, Eurardy and Coolcalalaya 

We were able to restore power last night to 400 homes and businesses in the town Northampton by back-feeding from an alternative feeder.

Crews from Geraldton and surrounding depots are patrolling powerlines in the area with the assistance of aerial patrols by the Western Power helicopter.

The line inspection process is a challenge for our crews, even with the extra resources currently available to us, as the area being covered is a large geographical area and has several different feeder lines that cross through varying landscapes.

Compounding our restoration efforts today is the catastrophic bushfire conditions and Total Fire Bans in place which means we have altered our work practices to reduce the risk of accidentally starting a bushfire. These additional precautions minimise the risk of restoration works generating a spark which could potentially start a fire.

We will continue to monitor the bushfire weather warnings and when the index falls to a safe level, we will attempt to restore power to any areas that have been patrolled and declared safe by our crews. Currently the fire index is not predicted to fall to a safe level until after 7pm tonight.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may cause and assure you we are working to safely restore power as quickly as we can within bushfire restrictions.

If people see a fallen power line, please Make The Safe Call to Western Power on the emergency 24/7 number 13 13 51.

Please check our power outages page for further information.

Customers who have experienced an extended outage can apply, once power is reconnected, for an extended outage payment online at the Western Power home page.

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