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New $49 million substation to support western growth

Western Power has completed construction of a new state-of-the-art substation in Shenton Park marking a significant milestone in a $49 million project to upgrade the electricity supply for Perth’s western suburbs.

Western Power’s Head of Engineering and Design Mehdi Toufan said the new 132KV substation, which was switched on this month, had been designed to meet the current and future electricity supply needs for the continually developing  area.

“From the outside most people passing by won’t realise how advanced this substation design is. The technology we have incorporated into this building will help us to deliver safer and reliable power to the surrounding suburbs for the next 50 -75 years, ‘” Mr Toufan said.

“The new infrastructure will not just take immediate  advantage of the grid’s capacity but the advanced technology and design means we have significantly increased reliability for future needs.

“We are also committed to ensuring we minimise our impact on the environment with work to restore vegetation disturbed during the construction of the new substation already underway.”

Construction of the new substation, which has been built next to the former site in Stubbs Terrace, began in November 2014.

It serves customers from City Beach and Wembley Downs in the north, Mosman Park in the south, Nedlands and the Swan River in the east, and through to the coast in the west.

Mr Toufan said the $49 million project included the construction of the new substation, decommissioning of the nearby Herdsman Parade substation, upgrades to feeder powerlines, and transfer of the electricity supply from the former substations to the new site.

Similar to the $24 million Medical Centre Zone Substation that Western Power completed in October 2014, the new Shenton Park substation will house a sophisticated optical fibre communications system that linked intelligent electronic devices to the network.

“The technology allows us to remotely monitor the substation from our Network Control Centre in real time which will deliver a safer, higher quality and more reliable power supply for our customers,” he said.

Work has begun on the decommissioning of the former Shenton Park and Herdsman Parade substations, will completion scheduled in late 2017.

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