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Line worker creates ‘monster’ moves for dance challenge

Western Power’s Lochie the lines worker has found inspiration in isolation to bust out some dance moves on video for Telethon’s and Seven West Media’s #dancetogether challenge.

Telethon and Seven West Media launched the #dancingtogether challenge in April to bring fun, humour and dance into our isolated lives.

And Lochie decided that if you can’t match the moves, then create your own. He’s created ‘The Loch Monster’ moves during a break from Western Power’s ongoing important works program, joining the online community to help power a few smiles through the TVs, laptops and smartphones of West Australians.

The larger than life character admitted to being out of his comfort zone when he took up the challenge but said when the jams started flowing, he began to channel his inner Flashdance.

“Anyone seeing this clip will clearly see my skills are in keeping electricity flowing through the grid, but I get that right now people need to be able to laugh and let off steam,” Lochie said.

Lochie added that he won’t be trading in his PPE for sparkles and sequins anytime soon, but the #dancingtogether challenge was a great way to keep up the rivalry between WA mascots after the cancellation of the 2020 WA Day mascot race.

“I’ll be honest, I was disappointed with the cancellation of the race that stops the state; however, this is now the competition I think people want to see. What’s his name from the Eagles had a crack, which was nice, but I know I have the edge in this one.”

“It’s probably the perfect time for the mascots of WA to step up and slam some jams and make some funky moves.”

Learn more about Lochie and our education program. 

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