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Hi Honey! I caught (an alleged) criminal

Western Power Team Coordinator Darren will have an unusual story to tell his family tonight around the dinner table after his day, and a car being pursued by police, took an unexpected turn.

Darren was working with his fellow Picton crew members in Mandurah when distant sirens became not so distant and a vehicle being pursued by police headed down the Greenfields road they were working on.

After narrowly missing the traffic controllers the driver lost control and crashed about 10 metres ahead of Darren's vehicle.

The occupants tried to flee the incident but Darren tackled one of the men to the ground and was quickly assisted by the remainder of his crew before police took over.

After being reassured by police that he hadn't done anything wrong and it was a 'text book citizen's arrest' Darren and the team did what all heroes do and returned to work to make sure 333 customers affected by the planned outage had their power restored on time.

Darren will be on Channel 9 News tonight after being interviewed after the arrest.

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