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Get storm ready with Western Power

Western Power has joined the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in urging people to prepare for storm season when bad weather and strong winds can cause major damage to properties and powerlines.

Western Power’s Vegetation Program Team Leader Craig Katnich said trees and vegetation that were too close to powerlines could become a safety hazard and lead to power supply interruptions during storms.

“With the first storm of the season last week, we know more bad weather is on the way, so now is the time to trim trees and remove debris from around our homes,” he said.

“Western Power’s network vegetation trimming program clears potential hazards away from our powerlines, but we need the community’s help to keep everyone safe this winter.”

Mr Katnich said during the storm season last year 14 major weather events impacted the Western Power network causing power outages.

He said last September Western Power network response crews who were called out to repair more than 480 storm related faults that caused about 63,000 customers to lose power over two days.

“Many of the outages were caused by tree branches and debris being blown into powerlines and these incidents could have been prevented with the early trimming of vegetation,” Mr Katnich said.

DFES Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner Brad Stringer said every year between May and October severe storms caused significant damage in the most populated areas of our State.

“We all must be ready for strong winds and flash flooding, and there is even the potential for tornadoes,” he said.

“Now is the perfect time, while conditions are still mild, for the community to get ready by trimming tree branches, securing loose items in their yard and clearing gutters around their property.

“People are also reminded to put together an emergency kit in case of power outages or conditions that require them to leave their homes.”
Simple ways to make your home storm ready:

  • Clear debris and secure loose objects around your home.
  • Maintain vegetation at least 2.5 metres away from powerlines.
  • Hire a qualified tree lopper to remove branches and foliage that has grown too close to powerlines.
  • If you see a fallen powerline make the safe call to the Western Power 24/7 emergency line 13 13 51.

For more information about managing trees near powerlines.

Western Power is a State Government owned corporation that is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to more than one million customers across a 254,920 km2 network.

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