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Fish and chip shops shape the grid of the future

A fish and chip shop uses about as much power as six households.

If the owner of the fish and chip shop wanted to ensure the fish keep frying during times of peak demand, they’d often need to upgrade the network.

Network upgrades can be costly, and put pressure on small businesses trying to get off the ground or expand.

Fortunately, we have come up with an innovative solution which could save small businesses tens of thousands of dollars.

“We decided to cast our net wider and analyse the electrical data from hundreds of other fish and chip shops to get an industry view of the electricity use of a typical fish and chip shop,” said Western Power CEO Guy Chalkley.

We created a customised software tool that collects and compares electricity consumption data from businesses in the same industry.

“We are now able to more accurately forecast peak electricity demand for businesses based on their industry sector. This means we can build the network to meet actual peak demand, not maximum demand,” said Mr Chalkley.

In the fish and chip shop example, a small business owner may have needed to invest in upgrading their electricity connection, or even a nearby transformer to ensure continuity of supply.

“We are now using this tool to help us build a fit for purpose network, based on good data. Fish and chip shops are helping us to build the network of the future,” said Mr Chalkley.

The new software tool is part of a suite of new initiatives by Western Power to better meet the rapidly changing energy landscape in Western Australia.

Western Power is committed to delivering safe, reliable and efficient power to the people of Western Australia.

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