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EXCLUSIVE: Al the Owl talks tough on drongos

Al the Owl is here to ruffle some feathers.

“There’s too many drongos just wingin’ it when it comes to working safely around electricity,” says Al.

“I’ve been working around the live stuff for years. When it goes wrong, it ain’t pretty.”

Al has stepped out of the shadows for the first time as the face of our new 360 Aware safety campaign, which targets industries most at risk of making contact with the electricity network.

“When Western Power first called me to help out, I was on board from day one.

“They told me there’s been about 30 drongos every month drilling, digging and tipping into powerlines – and most of those incidents could have been avoided just by paying more attention before they start work.

“I’ve got a 100% safety record, cos I always look up, look down and look aaaaaall around before I start a job.”

To help Al spread the word, we have prepared safety information and advice for the industries that contribute most to third party contact with the network: building and construction, excavation, transport, vegetation, and farming and agriculture.

Al knows the message might be hard for some to hear, but it’s essential to prevent injury, loss of income or worse.

“Sometimes you’ve got to say it like it is in order to get people to listen, especially those that think ‘nah, she’ll be right’.

“When working around the live stuff, you can’t take those chances.”

You will see a lot more of Al over the coming months as he spreads his wings to help reduce third party contact with the electricity network.

“Remember folks, I just want you to be safe.

“Before anything risky, look 360.”

See the world from Al’s perspective and take his 360 degree tour.

This is the first in our exclusive interview series with Al the Owl. Keep checking back for more straight-shooting from Al.

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