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Electrify everything

The challenge of addressing climate change seems enormous, but a simple strategy can dramatically improve our response to managing climate risks - electrify everything.

From industrial manufacturing to your car and heating, the future is electric.

Why is electrification good? By switching from goods or processes that use fossil fuels (petrol, gas, firewood, or coal) to using renewable electricity we can significantly reduce the emissions we create as a individuals, businesses, and communities.

And the best part of this strategy is that the technologies and solutions we need to electrify our lives are low cost, getting cheaper and are readily available. Electric vehicles (EVs), battery storage, and other technologies are hitting the market quickly and at ever lower costs meaning consumers and industry have increasing opportunities to electrify.

Greening the grid

Increasingly, renewable grid electricity is sourced through solar panels or wind farms, generated by the power of nature.

The transition to a greener grid is accelerating in Western Australia due the combination of our world class renewable resources and the fact that wind and solar are now the lowest cost forms of new generation.

Western Power expects grid supplied electricity to be more than 50% renewable by 2031. Given renewable electricity supply is currently more than 30 per cent – driven mainly by residential solar – together we’re on track to achieve that.

The focus on increasing renewables and reducing carbon on the grid has added benefits. It means that every connected electrical device, appliance, industrial process, and EV will get cleaner throughout its life as more renewables are added to the grid.

Taking action

Electrification has the potential to significantly increase the overall demand for electricity. Western Power is transforming its network into a modular grid to get ready for an electrified future. We’re taking action to ensure consumers and industry can integrate their electrification investments into the grid and electricity market.

Consumers in the metro area might notice that we’re undergrounding more to increase the capacity for Distributed Energy Resources, like solar PVs and batteries, on the network. In the regions, we’re installing thousands of stand-alone power systems and exploring the potential of deploying micro-grids to provide our customers with a stronger mix of renewable energy.

We’re also supporting the connection of more EV fast chargers across our network to increase the opportunity for people and businesses to choose EVs.

As Western Power readies the grid for the future, customers also play a big role in helping our community’s efforts to decarbonise. By evaluating your potential to electrify and choosing the most practical moment to switch to electric, together we will reduce emissions.

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