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Cocky Lochie chasing WA Day mascot crown

Our affable school education mascot, Lochie the Liney, has a clear message to competitors ahead of this year’s ‘Fittest Mascot’ race: “I am as serious about safety as I am about winning this race!”

Wanting to impress the crowd in his first year in the WA Day event, the usually laid-back face of Western Power has found time outside his commitments to our school education program for some serious training.

Lochie says finding the time has been a juggling act, working around his commitment to helping kids unravel the mysteries of electricity and the Western Power grid, but the pursuit of becoming the fastest mascot in WA was a great driver.

“There are some very high-profile mascots out there. This has been a great opportunity to increase my fitness and sharpen my messaging to make sure that by the end of this race they, and the community, remember my name and my message,” Lochie said with a smile.

“I’m ready for a breakout run this year so my message to the field is clear. The lotto balls shouldn’t count on luck to help them, Rick ‘the Rock’ Eagle should be ready for some feather ruffling, George the Gorilla may not get the glory this year and the smartest thing the PTA’s Smartrider Man can do is to stay out of the express lane!”

Lochie has released his training video on social media in an attempt to get inside the foam heads of his competitors but admits there is one entrant he is particularly worried about.

“Fat Cat worries me. He’s been really quiet this year. I haven’t heard a peep out of him! He is the big cat in WA and you have to respect his work, but this year may be the year he loses the mascot throne.

“When the starter gun goes the other mascots should stay eight metres behind me, just like if you saw a damaged powerline or green dome. You’d need to stay eight meters clear and make the safe call to us on 13 13 51. It’s on the back of my shirt so everyone will be able to see it.”

If you want more tips from Lochie about staying safe around electricity, visit his very own Shockproof page for online tools for teachers parents and kids.

The annual race, held this Sunday 2 June, is part of the WA Day celebrations and is a blue-ribbon event on the mascot calendar.

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