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Children to be ‘Captains of Safety’ in new action day

A team of Western Australian agencies and organisations will hold the first School Safety in Action Day today that seeks to educate primary school children on being safe in the community.

Western Power, St John Ambulance, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation and Kidsafe WA have joined forces to develop the new program which will teach children how to play an active role in keeping themselves, friends, family and their communities safe.

Western Power’s Community Education Coordinator Julie Hughes said more than 200 children will take part in the first action day which will be held at Dianella Heights Primary School today.

“The four organisations have come together to give students the opportunity to identify dangerous situations and rehearse how they can respond safely should they ever be faced by them,” Ms Hughes said.

“We’re teaching them to become ‘Captains of Safety’ so that they know who to call in an emergency but also what they can do to keep themselves safe.”

Ms Hughes said the program was established for younger primary school aged students as research showed that the seven-year-old age group had the greatest chance of changing their behaviour.

“Although we are teaching children about identifying danger we don’t want them to be scared about what to do next, we want them to be confident to know who to call and the right numbers to dial,” she said.

The collaboration of safety experts will hold a School Safety in Action day once a term at various schools. Interested schools should contact Western Power by sending an email to [email protected]

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