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Changing the rules to help our customers

Think back to 2004. A lot has changed since then, right?                             

There was no Google Maps, YouTube, iPhones – things that are a part of our everyday lives.

It’s the same for new energy technology – home battery storage, stand-alone power systems and other innovations weren’t prevalent then.

We are working with government to update the regulations to better reflect today’s energy market and give customers a better deal. It’s a complicated area that does take time to navigate though.

The current energy regulatory framework we operate under was last updated in 2004, and it’s an appropriate time to consider how we can provide a more reliable and cost-effective power supply for our customers.

The rules currently limit the role we play in the energy supply chain.

But we know it costs a lot to build and maintain poles and wires, especially for regional customers on the end of very long lines. Many of these long lines are coming up for renewal at a heavy price tag.

So if it seems like a common sense, win-win solution to edge of grid reliability problems is being held back by red tape – it is.

Current regulation prevents us from building a more modular network, one that can provide better services to customers at a lower cost for the State.

We will continue our push to change the rules and regulations that meet the expectations of today’s energy consumer.

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