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Blow me over: The importance of tying down loose items

We’ve all heard of trees being blown into powerlines and causing power outages and safety hazards.

It’s why we encourage you to check your trees are at a safe distance from powerlines and call a professional tree pruner if branches need trimming.

When high winds or a storm is approaching, we also encourage you to tie down loose items so they don’t get blown into powerlines.

You’d be surprised what a strong gust can pick up and hurl at powerlines. Here’s what some of our response crews have come across recently:

This sun shade damaged a service line (the line that connects a property to the main electricity network).

And another…

Trampolines are more common than you’d think. This trampoline exposed electrical wires, which presents a serious safety hazard for the house occupants. Here’s a tip, these types of trampolines are best turned upside down if high winds or storms are coming (there’s less chance they’ll get picked up by the wind).

And a little reminder why we ask people, councils and businesses to trim their trees near powerlines.


See our simple steps to prepare your property before storms and high winds hit.

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