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New energy technology

Embracing innovation to power our energy future

Technological innovations are changing the way we store and deliver power.

For Western Power, this means adapting and innovating to stay ahead of the curve as we look at new ways to keep powering Western Australia.


It also means new and different relationships with those who use electricity, particularly households generating power that goes back into the grid.

Technological innovation is allowing us to harness renewable energy sources, while advancements in storage systems allow us to preserve it for future use.

Providing more targeted solutions

We are now able to customise power supply solutions for local conditions and needs.

It could mean harnessing a combination of energy sources such as wave and solar power to connect households with renewable energy via a microgrid.


Or, it could involve setting up stand-alone power systems that are independent from the main network.

Remotely located households may be better off powering their own home with renewable energy.

While the cost of these systems is still quite high, our trial in Ravensthorpe indicates this approach may be more cost effective than traditional ways of supplying electricity.

Looking at the bigger picture

Through such trials, our research and investment in innovation and new technologies will help us strengthen the grid of the future.

When providing an essential service to more than one million customers across a large geographical area, we know it’s up to us to keep the lights on.


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