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Grid of the future

Connecting customers to the next generation of energy innovation

Western Power’s future is all about providing a smarter electricity network, one that works efficiently for everyone and meets the changing needs of Western Australians.

The network will still connect people with energy, but it may also provide other functions such as a platform for energy trading.

We support people introducing home energy systems such as solar and battery technology to complement the existing electricity supply.

It’s up to us to provide backup if your home energy system is exhausted or doesn’t fully meet your energy needs.

For those with solar panels on their roof, the grid may be utilised as an energy trading platform.

We are adapting to meet the changing ways that electricity it being generated and used.

New solutions

Regional towns at the fringe of the grid have at times experienced outages due to faults along long stretches of line, or environmental issues such as debris falling on powerlines.

The Mid West town of Perenjori is at the edge of the grid and the subject of an innovative battery storage trial.

With this technology, we expect to eliminate about 80 per cent of outages in the town.

A decentralised system of power supply

Stand-alone power systems and microgrids could be the solution for reliable power in remote areas.

Connections to the main grid may be replaced with stand-alone systems that generate and output power where it is used.

These opportunities will likely arise as sections of the network age and need replacement, or as an alternative to large-scale maintenance.

New demands

The grid of the future will also be able to accommodate increased usage of electric vehicles.

The prevalence of hybrid vehicles is set to increase from the current level of about 4 per cent to 24 per cent in 2030 and battery powered cars from about 0.3 per cent to 16 per cent.

People want to charge their electric car batteries by plugging into the electricity grid.

We are preparing for tens of thousands of electric cars recharging their batteries via the network.


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