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Battery storage

Battery storage - changing the power landscape

Renewable energy generators provide an intermittent supply of electricity which means the electricity can’t always be supplied as and when it is needed.

Advancements in battery storage technology are a game-changer for renewable energy generation, because it improves consistency of supply.

While solar panels create a good supply of electricity when the sun is shining, we don’t stop using power once the sun goes down.

Similarly, wind turbines only generate electricity when the wind is blowing, but our hospitals need power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Until very recently there has been no cost effective way to store excess power for use at a later date.

With better technology, and growing interest from the public, the level of investment in energy storage is helping bring the cost of batteries down.

It may have been out of reach a decade ago, but now the technology is affordable, with solutions to power single households and larger industrial scale batteries used power entire communities.

Batteries convert electrical energy into chemical energy, which is converted back to electricity when it’s needed.

Battery storage solutions for households are mostly made from lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which is the same technology used in mobile phones, just on a much larger scale.