Private overhead powerlines

EnergySafety: Private overhead power lines

Western Power can advise you if you are responsible for any power poles and powerlines on your property. We can also provide information on the safe maintenance of these assets.

Repairing private powerlines or poles

Never do your own electrical work. It is dangerous and illegal. Always use a licensed electrician. We recommend the use of an accredited contractor. You can find accredited contractors by contacting the industry associations listed below.

National Electrical and Communications Association
Ph: 1300 632 292
Fax: 08 9240 4866
Master Electricians Australia
Ph: 1300 889 198
Fax: 1800 622 914


Do not interfere with powerlines in any way. Contact with powerlines can result in electrocution and power interruptions.

Do not touch anything that is touching powerlines, for example tree branches. If you touch any part of a tree that is touching a line, you risk serious injury or death.

Always assume powerlines are live. If you see a fallen powerline, make sure you stay clear and make the safe call to our 24/7 emergency number - 13 13 51.

If you witness an electrical accident it is important to respond quickly and with caution, and call 13 13 51.


The information on this web page is provided as a guide and is not a complete list of all safety and maintenance considerations. While care is taken in the preparation of this material, Western Power does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. Individual owners should satisfy themselves that they are taking appropriate and reasonable action to prevent safety risks arising from privately owned power equipment located on their properties.