Dial before you dig

For the location and voltage information of overhead powerlines and underground network cables visit www.1100.com.au or freecall 1100.

Dial Before You Dig can help prevent damage and disruption to underground pipe and cable networks, including electricity, gas, communications and water. Contact with a single cable or pipe can leave an entire community without essential services and may result in injury or death. There are also heavy financial penalties for negligent behaviour.

Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service, supported by Western Power. It is the most efficient way to obtain information on underground and overhead networks at your property, or site of works. In most cases plans showing the location and voltage of underground cabling and overhead powerlines will be supplied within two working days of an enquiry.

Always remember to follow the 4Ps:

  1. Plan
    Dial 1100 Before You Dig to obtain underground and overhead network plans. (Keep your plans onsite)
  2. Pothole
    Use a hand shovel to establish the exact location of all underground cabling.
  3. Protect
    Always erect safety barriers in risk areas to protect underground cabling. Protecting exposed plant is the responsibility of the contractor.
  4. Proceed
    Only commence digging once you have planned, potholed and protected.

Dial before you dig

Visit www.1100.com.au or Freecall 1100

Report an emergency

  • Western Power
    13 13 51 (24 hours) 
  • Emergency services
    Dial 000
    (If you have a mobile phone dial 112 to connect to Emergency Services. Please contact your provider for details about your service).

Electrical accidents

If you witness an electrical accident it is important to respond quickly and with caution.