Your residential connection

This section is about the physical connection between the electricity network and a new building or property.  If you are moving into a house where electricity is already available, and you just want it activated, you simply need to set up an account with an electricity retailer.

If you are unsure, contact our customer services centre on 13 10 87 or

Note: Local call charges apply from a landline phone. Mobile phones may incur a higher charge.

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 What is a standard supply?

We define a standard supply at 240 V single-phase or 415 V three-phase as:

  • 63 Amps single-phase (urban areas)
  • 32 Amps single-phase (rural areas and towns)
  • 32 Amps multi-phase
  • a maximum consumer mains size of 35mm²

Sensitive needs

Residential customers using medical equipment such as life support machines can register as a sensitive customer.


For information on subdividing visit the land developers and designers section.