Approval to connect solar PV

Western Power is responsible for approving the connection of new solar PV systems to the South West Interconnected Network. A system can only be connected once all of the applicable connection eligibility criteria have been met.

A solar PV (photovoltaic) system, the most common of the Inverter Energy Systems, converts solar energy into electricity.

When a solar PV system is connected, it has the potential to increase the amount of power flowing into the network.

To ensure power quality, reliability of supply and prevent a network capacity overload, Western Power must be advised of, and approve the connection of, all solar PV systems.

In some areas, the connection of new solar PV systems is subject to Western Power completing network upgrades or installing new infrastructure to ensure the network capacity is large enough to service community and business demand.

The approval process to connect your solar PV system to the network depends on the size of your system and the capacity of the network in the suburb or region where it will be installed.

How to apply?

Please select the relevant size solar PV system you plan to install to view the application process:

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