Self-read meters

Some customers are asked to read their own meter because they live in a remote area and it is not cost-effective for us to read their meter every two months. 

Other customers read their own meter on arrangement with Synergy, normally due to access or similar issues. 

Each self-read customer receives a self-addressed, postage paid card every two months and uses this to record the meter reading. The information is then sent back to us. The customer has 15 business days to mark and return the card. If cards are not returned by the due date, we estimate the reading based on previous electricity use.

If you currently have a self-read card but would like it sent to another address, contact your electricity retailer.

Submit your readings online


To access the portal, you will require your NMI number and meter number.

You may also provide  your email address either in the comment section when submitting your readings, or by contacting us on 13 10 87. We will then email you a reminder when your meter reading is due.

Submit your readings by phone

Dial 1300 662 708 and follow the prompts to submit your readings using your telephone keypad.

The phone option is not compatible with meters that have five or more channels or residences with more than one meter.

If you have one of these meters or have multiple meters listed against your NMI you can only use the online or return card methods.

Completing your self-read card

Dial meters

If your property has a dial meter, complete the self-read card as follows:

  1. take the card and a black or blue pen or lead pencil to the meter
  2. stand directly in front of the meter with the card
  3. starting with the far-right dial, shade in the circle on the card that matches the number on the dial where the hand is pointing
  4. continue in order from right to left and shade in one circle on each dial on the card

Digital meters

If your property has a digital meter, simply record the reading displayed on the meter within the squares on the card.

Electronic meters

If your property has an electronic meter, complete the self-read card as follows:

  1. for meters on a standard residential or commercial tariff (A1, L1, K1 or M1) where the registers stay static, simply write down the numbers displayed
  2. if the register moves through a sequence of displays or channels the number you need to write down depends on the tariff you are on  

Note: If a property has more than one meter, or you have several properties, you will receive a self-read card for each meter.  Ensure you match the number on the card with the correct meter.

Send your completed, self-read cards (postage paid) to:

  • Western Power
    Meter Reading Services
    Reply Paid 8285
    PERTH BC, 6849

For more information

See how to read your meter or read the below factsheets: