Accessing your meter

Western Power follows strict protocols when entering your property to read your meter. In some instances, Western Power will not enter your property or is prevented from accessing your meter, which may result in your electricity consumption being estimated.
When considering safe and reasonable access to your meter, please take into account the following:

  • the meter has to be accessible without the need to enter a neighbour’s property
  • if the meter box or access way to the meter is locked, it has to be with an approved Western Power masterkey lock – available from licensed locksmiths and security suppliers
  • the meter has to be accessible without the need for service personnel to climb fences or locked gates
  • our service personnel will not enter an enclosed property with dog warning signs or where a dog is enclosed in the vicinity of the meter. The presence of a dog or dog sign is noted on our property information database to protect our personnel. If your situation has changed or your dogs are never kept in the vicinity of the meter, please contact WP or Synergy to have the dog warning amended or removed
  • if the meter is located inside a carport, basement, enclosed verandah or other enclosed area where service personnel can only access by customer appointment, the customer will need to have communications gear fitted to the meter at their cost. Please contact your retailer Synergy for further information on the cost of this service. For detailed information on the technical rules, please refer to section six of the West Australian Electrical Requirements 2008.
  • the meter has to be free from obstruction by trees, shrubs, and gardens.

Your meter-box

The meter-box is the property of the premises’ owner and as such:

  • a meter reader will never force their way into a locked meter-box.
  • if a meter-box door falls off (due to worn or faulty hinges) it is the responsibility of the premises’ owner, not Western Power, to repair it.

Leaving your property as we found it

If access to the meter can only be gained by traversing your property, Western Power will leave your property as it was found. This means that if your gate is open, we will leave it open; if your gate is shut, we will leave it shut. The exceptions to this are meter-box doors and swimming pool gates, which will always be left shut irrespective of how they are found.


Western Power’s meter readers will not walk across your garden unless it is the only way to get to your meter-box in which case they will take the most direct route.

Skipped read cards

Skipped read cards will be left at premises where meters are obstructed or cannot be accessed.

Where possible, the card will be left in your letter box and will indicate the date, meter number and reason why your meter was not read.

Private keys

Western Power does not accept private keys (or swipe cards) from customers to access meter boxes. Private keys may be left in a Master Key lockbox or at directly adjacent properties, where they can be picked up and returned. Western Power Master Key locks are available from licensed locksmiths and security suppliers.

General access protocols
Other general access protocols that Western Power meter readers adhere to when accessing your property include:

  • always announcing and identifying themselves if someone is present at the premises
  • never climbing gates or fences
  • never accessing meters located inside a residence unless someone is home or the meter reader has access by way of a Master Key
  • never accessing a premises via the backyard without first attempting to notify the customer.

Annual read

Under the Metering Code 2012, we have an obligation to gain an actual read on your meter at least once per year. Likewise, under the Small Use Code 2012, your retailer has an obligation to not bill you on non-actual reads for more than 12 months. Under the Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979 you have an obligation to provide safe access for our meter reading at all reasonable times.

Our first attempt will be a site visit  to your premise unless you have contacted us previously to make other arrangements. If we fail in our initial attempt to gain access for our annual read we will follow-up by phone and letter to make an appointment with you.

If you fail to provide access within a reasonable timeframe we will advise Synergy, who may also attempt to contact you and who can choose to disconnect you as a last resort until such time as an actual read is obtained.

Self reading

Some our customers are registered as 'self-readers', that is, they read their own meter and provide the reading to Western Power who then validate it and pass it on to Synergy for billing.

Some of these customers are known as 'mandatory self-readers' because they live in an area where it is not economically feasible for Western Power to send a meter reader every two months. Other customers are known as 'non-mandatory self-readers' because they have registered as self-read via arrangement with Synergy.

Readings can be provided by mail, online via self reading portal or by phone via 1300 662 708.

To change or update your mailing address and/or contact details you are advised to contact Synergy directly.