Unmetered supplies

Unmetered supplies are available only to local government authorities, government agencies and approved providers of specialised services.

Unmetered supply connections apply to traffic signals, streetlights, signs, railway crossing boom gates, bus shelters, telephone boxes, etc. They are available in single-phase with a maximum capacity of 4.8kW.

How to apply

Complete the application for an unmetered supply form (PDF 28kb) and send with the required attachments to:

Note: Application for an unmetered supply form:

  • Part A is to be completed by local governments only
  • Part B is to be completed by local governments, government agencies and approved unmetered supply providers

For further information, download the unmetered supply guidelines (PDF 162kb). 

Contact us

If you have any questions about an unmetered supply, please contact
13 10 87 or make an online enquiry.