Guidelines and manuals

This section provides information for Local Government agencies seeking guidance and assistance in planning and achieving a new development or connection to our distribution network.

Note: these documents are subject to change and it is recommended that you check the currency of any documentation on a regular basis.

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Deciding between overhead and underground construction in road reserves

This guideline provides assistance with the process when requiring to decide between overhead and underground construction in road reserves for power supplies associated with subdivisional and non-subdivisional projects.

Decorative fixtures, signs and banners on our assets

This Standard defines the requirements for the attachment of fixtures, fittings, signs and banners on Western Power poles and streetlight columns in the South West Interconnected System.

Locating ground mounted equipment

This document provides guidance and advice on the effective location of ground mounted distribution equipment (GME), to avoid any possible negative outcomes.

Locating ground mounted equipment (PDF 351kb)

Underground distribution schemes (UDS) manual

UDS manual - Edition 11 (PDF 5.0Mb)
Last updated: December 2015

This manual contains the information required by developers and their electrical consultants to allow them to undertake the electrical reticulation of new subdivisions.

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We encourage you to use the UDS feedback form to submit feedback on any aspect of the updated manual.

Un-metered Supply Network Standard

The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for the installation and connection of an un-metered supply to Western Power’s low voltage distribution network.

Western Australian distribution connections manual

The purpose of the 2015 edition of the WADC manual (PDF 6.8mb - large file) is to provide a comprehensive single point of reference for industry and the community when seeking an electrical connection of a customer’s installation to the distribution network of:

  • Horizon Power’s North West interconnected system (NWIS) and non-interconnected systems (NIS)
  • Western Power’s South West interconnected system (SWIS)

The WADCM Fifth edition as amended by and Addendum #1 March 2015 and Addendum #2 December 2015 supersedes the following documents:

  • All earlier editions of the WADC manual
  • Transitional (interim edition) connections manual (issued August 2008)
  • Substation standards DSB 95/5 (issued April 2009) and DSB 95/6 (issued May 2009)
  • The metering requirements (issued September 2006)
  • 415 Volt switchboard - current transformers, meter panels and wiring (issued June 2004)
  • Policy and technical requirements for AMR systems (DMS 1401689 v13)
  • Service protection devices (issued June 2003)
  • Generic multiple master metering wiring diagram (updated 2014)

Submit feedback on the WADC

Western Power and Horizon Power welcome feedback on any aspect of the Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual and its application.

Please note that Western Power is currently reviewing its connection application process and forms. These and future changes have not been reflected in the current edition of the WADCM.

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