Small commercial subdivisions

The electrical infrastructure in new commercial subdivisions is designed according to lot size, unless the developer specifies that it must cater for a higher load. The design load for commercial subdivisions is 200kVA / hectare. Charges for electrical infrastructure vary, as they are based on the individual requirements of each request.

Before purchasing a lot in a new commercial subdivision, a decision must be made as to whether the design load value can supply the electricity required by the business. If three-phase power or heavy duty supply is required, the network may need to be upgraded at your cost.

To find out if three-phase power is available in your area, contact 13 10 87 or email

How to apply

Type of subdivision Action Costs
For one to four freehold or all strata lots, with a connection to the distribution network at 33kV or less. Complete the small commercial supply form with assistance from an electrical contractor. We will send you a quote.
For one to four freehold or all strata lots, with a connection to the distribution network at 66kV or more. Complete the transmission load application form with assistance from an electrical contractor.
Five or more freehold title lots (residential and commercial).

Refer to Large Subdivision.

Note: An electrical contractor/consultant may need to be engaged to complete these forms. Find an electrical contractor/consultant.

Other costs

Type of fee Service Cost
Part payment arrangement fee Charged for changes made by the customer to the normal payment scheme offered $550 (inc GST)
Project cancellation fee Charged if the customer cancels or changes the job before construction starts and/or if any design costs are incurred  $550 (inc GST) plus design costs
Administration fee An administration fee may also be charged if the job is cancelled or changes are made after construction starts and/or any costs are incurred prior to cancellation or scope change $550 plus costs incurred (GST inc on admin only)

Who is your electricity retailer?

We transport electricity through the network, but do not sell it. You buy electricity from an electricity retailer that manages your account and sends your electricity bill. 

  • If you use less than 50MWh annually (that's about 137 units a day or $8000 worth of electricity a year), your electricity retailer is Synergy. Visit or phone 13 13 53.
  • If you use more than 50MWh a year, you may choose your electricity retailer and negotiate your tariff. The Public Utilities Office provides a list of electricity retailers.

For more information

Contact our customer service centre on 13 10 87 or email

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