Large subdivisions

A large subdivision is regarded as one where the developer follows a developer initiated design and construction process. The developer engages an electrical consultant to apply to us and to complete the electrical design for the subdivision. The developer engages a contractor to complete the electrical installation works. The Underground Distribution Schemes Manual provides information on the complete process and explanation.

Information within this section provides information on the design and construction of large subdivision projects. This information is also relevant to electrical consultants and contractors providing services to residential and business customers.

To initiate a project request, complete the design information package request form (PDF 68kb) in accordance with 4.4.1 in the Underground Distribution Schemes (UDS Manual).

On receipt of the design information package request, an acknowledgement letter will be sent within 10 working days. If written acknowledgement has not been received within this timeframe, please call the customer service centre on 13 10 87.

Once the request has been processed, the design information package will be sent by email. The package enables the consultant to integrate the new design into Western Power’s existing network and includes SPIDA maps, LVD files and surrounding project information.

It is the consultant's responsibility to contact the issuing officer if they require more information.

How much will it cost?

All network charges will be charged to the person making the application for service. Network charges as at 01/04/2009 for standard supply. (See end note for standard supply definition)

Service  Charges
Feasibility enquiry
Feasibility study 
Design information package $495
Charge for bonds/clearances (pre 1st July 2007)
per lot fee (PDF 28kb)
Design conformance review per stage
plus variable charge
Variable charge per lot $5.50
Design re-conformance review per stage
plus variable charge
Quality assurance $959 (no GST)
Variable charge residential lot  $5 (no GST)
Variable charge commercial/industrial per metre of trench $0.71 (no GST)
Part payment arrangement - administration fee will be charged for changes by the customer to the normal payment scheme offered  $550


Note: General information on the subdividing process can be found under the application process section.

Subdivision issues resolution

The formal issues resolution path (PDF 11kb) is available as a means for developers and designers to raise issues about specific subdivision projects. It is also a process for escalating an issue, if you feel it has not been satisfactorily resolved.

Our community relations manager will be your advocate throughout the process and manage the issue with the appropriate senior staff. 

For more information

Contact Western Power’s customer services centre on 13 10 87 or email

Standard supply

Standard supply is up to:

  • Single phase:63A(urban areas)/ 32A(rural areas and towns) or
  • 32A per phase for multiphase(all areas) and/or
  • Consumer mains size of 35mm2 (all areas)