Application process

Any application to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for a change to an existing title as a result of: amalgamation of lots, creation of new lots, relocation of boundaries may be approved subject to conditions that must be fulfilled by the developer prior to final approval.

The conditions are designed to ensure safety and reliability requirements such as those in the WA electrical requirements are met. The WA electrical requirements are published on the EnergySafety website. When these requirements are not met, considerable frustration, additional costs, impediments to building and disputes between neighbours can arise.

The process

  1. when you have received WAPC Conditional Approval, complete the appropriate forms (include your WAPC number), so we can provide an accurate quote or estimate for the work
    • small residential developments
    • small commercial developments
    • large developments
  2. read the accompanying documentation outlining the scope of work that is covered by us and any additional work required by you
  3. once all conditions have been met, clearance can be requested. Clearance is usually requested by your surveyor. For further information, see our clearance section.

General information about subdividing

  • Underground connections (to pillars) are compulsory in both overhead and underground areas - unless the lots you are creating are larger than 50 hectares
  • All existing overhead services must be removed and converted to underground
  • Guidelines determine how power must be provided to a Western Power-approved subdivision according to its size, location and the surrounding infrastructure. Refer to the underground distribution scheme manual for details.

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