Retailer connections

Connection point management is a key aspect for the electricity retailer and includes:

Loss factors

By 1 June each year, we must calculate transmission and distribution loss factors for each connection point in the network and provide these to the IMO. The applicable loss factors are published on the IMO website. Please refer to the Loss Factor Procedure for further information.


This involves disconnecting or reconnecting a customer from or to the electricity network to remove or restore energy through a meter. This may be done by removing or reinstating the meter’s fuse.

Note:  Before requesting a de-energisation, retailers must fulfil all obligations and due diligence for warning notifications, hardship and life support issues. The metering officer is not a representative of the retailer and will not enter into any discussion about the situation or accept payment.


Contestability describes a customer at an electricity connection point who has an annual electricity consumption greater than 50,000kWh (5.7kW demand) per year and is free to choose a retailer.

How to apply

If you believe the contestable status of a connection point should be updated, complete an  electricity transfer application - other services form.

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